Green Card Renewal (Form I-90)

The US Immigrant’s Permanent Resident Card or popularly known as “Green Card” is a must have document that entails your travel and ensures your stay and work eligibility are current. Typically Green cards are issued for 10 years or more.

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When we apply for Green Card?

The Form I-90 is the right application to renew/replace an Immigrant’s Permanent Resident Card. There are several reasons for replacing or renewing the Green Card, such as,

  • When a green card has expired
  • Lost green card
  • Stolen green card
  • Green card has been destroyed or damaged
  • Green card was issued but was never received
  • Green card contains incorrect information
  • Legally changed the name or any other personal information
  • Visa status converted to an immigrant permanent resident
  • A minor – (say under 14 years old) green card is about to expire before or after your 16th Birthday

Green Card Renewal Application Process

The green card renewal process requires the applicant to fill out and submit the application USCIS Form I-90. While the application itself may not be tedious, the applicants who represent themselves often find themselves lost. A simple spelling mistake might end up in long delays and lengthy correction process. The form I-90 comes with extensive help and one needs read and understand it thoroughly as they fill out the form. This is where American Immigration Center’s online application form helps. It offers a simple, step by step help, in a concise and quick manner. You are never in loss trying to understand what a particular question refers to as our process carefully helps you every step of the way.

Replace/Renew Green Card Smartly

Our online application form helps you carefully prepare the Form I-90 – the application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, with simple, easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions. In a quick few minutes, following the easy to understand question and answer process, your Green Card Renewal application will be on its way.

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Every day, hundreds of applicants across America trust us to help them successfully complete and file the Form I-90 with USCIS. Hundreds of happy customers have enjoyed our expertise and years of experience to fill out the Form I-90 every single day. Click here to learn how to quickly fill out the Green Card Renewal Form! Or Call us at (enter the new number)!.